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  The CART {Coin for Alzheimer Research Trust} provides funds for cutting edge research to cure Alzheimer's disease.  The CART Fund has rolled out a new Online Contributions Portal
  which will allows clubs to forward funds they collect in CART buckets directly to CART, online, safely and securely.   No more checks, envelopes or stamps.  

E-Club of the Carolinas CART contribution history:

2022-23 Goal $ 2000

2021-22 $ 2.304.00

2020-21 $ 2,023.83

2029-20 $ 2,138.50

2018-19 $ 3,355.38


 To access the CART Portal: 

  • Goto
  • Enter your DACdb User Name and Password (Club ID not required)
  • Click Sign-in (Current User)- the dark blue button   
  • Click on Make a Contribution -- follow the prompts and send all funds collected for CART through this portal in the future.  District CART Chairs are going out of the money-handling business.  
  • In case of a problem, support is available at:  

Club members can support CART directly, either one-time or recurring, and those contributions roll into the club totals. 

  May be an image of text that says 'What Does The CART Fund Support? Categories of Research 1. Elimination of Plaques 2. Disruption of Destructive Tau Tangles 3. Penetration of the Blood Brain Barrier 4. FDA Approved Drugs for Novel Use 5. Early Detection Rotary CAR'


CART started in 1996 with Rotarians voluntarily emptying their pockets and purses of change at weekly meetings.


One hundred percent (100%) of donated funds go to cutting edge Alzheimer’s Disease research. As of May 2020, CART has awarded $9.2 million dollars in 55 grants to recognized US research institutions. All administrative expenses of the Fund are paid from interest earned from invested contributions.  

Research Findings:

PDG Dr. Gary Goforth serves as the Vice President of Research Grants for CART 


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