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Happy New Year to all of you!!  I hope your holiday season was wonderful!

Since my last report to district chairs in December, Rotarians have donated an additional $30,000 for CART!!!!!  That is wonderful and I want to thank you all personally for your support!!

The researchers have sent our Grants Committee their Letters of Intent and our Committee is reviewing them to determine which researchers should send a full proposal!!  In April, we will determine how much money we have so we can decide how many grants we can give out and for what amounts.  If your Rotary Club has collected CART money, but not deposited it yet, please encourage them to do this as soon as possible using our new online donor portal.

Please have a wonderful New Year and thank you all for getting us to the giving level of $209,879 so far this CART Year of 2020-2021!!!

Bill Parker
President, The CART Fund



We did it... we made it through 2020! Not without more than our share of heartbreaks, tears and disappointments. But we still celebrate a new year, with which comes new beginnings. For those who are hurting or lost this January, or missing loved ones, we hurt with you. And we will keep you in our thoughts as we move forward and look for the good around us.

My apologies for not getting a newsletter out in December before year-end as planned... I was one of many who had a positive COIVD test last month and spent more than my share of time resting and recovering. I am grateful it wasn't any worse, and my heart breaks for those who are still suffering, including many of our Rotary friends around the country.

We WILL get through this - there is a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel - and we are grateful that you will be there with us when we do. We appreciate your support of #TheCARTFund more than you know and look forward to staying in touch this year!

Please send us your photos, news items, fundraisers and other special event activities to so we can include them in future newsletters, and don't forget to share this email with others to encourage them to sign up to get it in their own in-box!

VP Public Image, The CART Fund




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