Welcome from Mike Reid, President, Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas 

Greetings Fellow  E-Club Members…. 

Happy Summer!! 

I know Susan and I, as well  as many others, are looking for ward to this summer. It has been  a ruff and tuff year for so many.  From last year this time until  now, the world has faced many  trails. . 

This summer , Susan and I  are starting a new adventure by  moving from our tradition al home, to a homestead that  needs to be completely redone. Yes, this move presents many trials that we must face, yet we love  the idea of renovating the home stead and all the challenges that  will bring.  

The same can be said  about our E-Club. On 1 July,  our E-Club will begin to shift in  some ways from the traditional  E-Club structure to a new adventure under the great leader ship of Lenna Young. She has  led much preparation and put a  lot of thought into what we can  accomplish as members working together for the good of the  Club and Rotary. 

I encourage you to set  aside time to think about your  future, and what you can do as  a Rotarian—both for our club  as well as for Rotary. As our  club moves forward we’ll certainly face trials, but when we  work together, we can meet the  challenges at hand and even  enjoy the journey.  

As Always, I will  close this letter to you by  encouraging you to do a  good deed for someone you  don’t know, and do some thing special for someone  you do know. 


Wishing you another day in  Paradise 

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