Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas Photo Gallery

December 2023: Holiday Cheer!
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Across the miles and cyberspace, we sure know how to have fun!
December 2023: Rotary Cares
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We provided supplies and cards of appreciation for hospice caregivers with Hospice of the Upstate. In turn we learned just how much our contribution meant: Dana Bowling wrote: Wow! Your donations were a HUGE blessing, coming at the perfect time. December is usually a little slow around here. This year, we've had more patients than usual, and lots of visitors. The items you provided give comfort to those during the most difficult time - a little sunshine!"
December 2023: Rotary Foundation Celebration
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E-Club members gathered in Greenville SC to celebrate the successes of the Rotary Foundation, and our own members' generosity in supporting this extraordinary charitable organization.
September 2023: School Supplies for McCormick Elementary School
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Funded by a combination of club and district grant funds, we donated much-needed supplies to 3rd graders at McCormick Elementary School in McCormick SC. We also used this work day to gather for fellowship and FUN!
September 2023: Mary and Martha Services Donation
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Mary and Martha Services provides a wide range of support for refugee families coming to the US from many troubled areas of the world, helping them navigate the many hurdles involved in settling in a new country. We are pleased to be able to help in this mission,
Feb. 2023 Education Project in Uganda -
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The Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas supports education in Uganda by helping young people pursue their goal of studying computer science. The $300 donations were used to purchase a refurbished laptop. Attached is the article posted on Facebook by our member in Uganda who coordinated the effort and assessed the need.
May 2023 - District 7750 CART Training, Annual Meeting Research Grants
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May 1st and 2nd in Greenville, SC attendees received training Monday afternoon ranging from CART branding, imaging and social media to portal functionality sprinkled with lots of Rotary fellowship. Few members of the E-club attended the Monday session in person.
Apr.2023 District 7750 All Clubs Conference - Service Day
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What a great way to spend Friday afternoon doing multiple service projects with other District rotarians!
Apr. 2023 District 7750 All Clubs Conference - E-Club moments
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It was great spending time with our fellow club members, great fellowship, fun and service weekend! Our club had the highest presence among all District clubs, so proud!
Apr. 23 - April is Enviromental Month - E-Club committed to Acts of Greens
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For a second year our clubs' members have committed to Acts of Greens, from promoting and sharing new ideas for recycling as much as possible to reducing single use of plastic. Everyone can make a difference!
Feb. 2023 Disaster Relief in Turkey and Syria - w/Shelter Box
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The Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas responds to the Disaster Relief in Turkey and Syria by donating One Shelter Box [$ 1.000]
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